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Welcome to my parenting website focusing on education. I would love to help you raise curious, well-rounded kids. Feel free to start by learning a little more about this site or about me.

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I hope to raise kids who love to learn. Here you will find tons of free printables and hands-on activities. As I'm starting to homeschool fall 2015, I plan on spending a lot more time growing this section.

Link to Read Page

I read a lot. Some of the most useful pieces of information on this site are my cross-referenced best-books-for-kids book lists, but here you will also find reviews of parenting books and our family favorites.

Link to Play Page

Kids are experts at learning through play. Here you will find homemade toys, reviews of games, and other ideas for having fun.

Occasionally, I also blog about my experiences raising babies and kids. I don't consider myself a parenting expert by any means, and believe there is not one "right" way to raise kids, but I'm happy to share with you what has worked for our family.

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