Dear Reader,

Are you wondering how this website is any different from all the other mommy blogs out there? It’s not. Not really. Just like all those mothers, I love my kids to death and deeply care about kids in general. Education of the future generation is extremely important to me, and by that I don’t just mean academics. I want the next generation of human beings to be kinder, more understanding, and more tolerant than the present one. I hope that kids grow up with their child-like sense of curiosity and passion for learning intact. I want their minds to be open and flexible, able to solve problems that today seem impossible.

The world can be a scary place, filled with too much hate and suffering, but I’m an optimist. I believe that with time, compassion, and understanding, the world can change. I don’t know how to solve global problems, though I wish I did. However, I do know a way to raise children who are more empathetic and tolerant. Read to them. Not only will it improve their grades and communication skills, leading to a higher likelihood of career and life success, but reading is scientifically proven to make them more open-minded and accepting of others, able to see the world from someone else’s point of view.

ResearchParent may be very similar to other blogs. You’ll find book lists, crafts, homemade learning tools, games, parenting book reviews, personal stories about caring for babies and children, and other anecdotal information about raising kids. However, what you’ll also find is that, as a research scientist, I am way more nerdy than the average mom. With multiple degrees in engineering, I am a spreadsheet-loving geek who reads every free second of every day (and lots of seconds when I should be sleeping). The titles on the best-books-for-kids lists on this site where chosen after hours of cross-referencing recommendations by multiple authoritative sources in children’s literature. What I find most appealing about these selections is not that my kids love them (they do), but that I love them too.

As time goes on and my kids get older, I hope to continue adding ideas, recommendations, and personal documentation to this website in order to make it a well-rounded resource for raising kids. Until then, I hope you will browse this site and find information that is useful to you and the ones you love.


A Researching Mama

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P.S.S. Please also note that none of the information on this website is sponsored. All opinions are entirely my own and I am not being compensated for promoting any of the products that appear on this site.